beyond hoops


Our targeted charitable giving program that supports a wide range of inspiring and effective grassroots initiatives for the people and communities of Haiti.
A love for basketball and an appreciation for the opportunities it can provide represents a common bond for everyone that is part of the Hoops For Haiti family. But life is bigger than just basketball. The Beyond Hoops Program delivers on our commitment to go beyond just helping student-athletes dedicated to the sport and was designed to provide direct and impactful support to the people and communities of Haiti through targeted charitable activities. Our work under this program is varied and guided by our agile and adaptable approach to problem solving. Areas of focus where we have dedicated organizational resources are represented below:

  • Mental Health Support - We provide guidance and support for people seeking out mental health related care and counseling, educating them on the resources available to them, and helping them to navigate the healthcare system. We also organize and host mental health workshops for Haitian youth and adults exposed to various forms of traumatic stress.
  • Employment Support - We help people as they embark on economically sustaining careers in their home country and abroad, providing financial support for training classes, licenses, exam fees, and other necessities that would be difficult or impossible to afford on their own. 
  •  Local Food Drive Efforts - We help to fund and organize food drives in partnership with various local organizations in Haiti to ensure people within the community have convenient access to complete and balanced nutrition. 
  • Technology Assistance  - We help match donors with people in need of laptops, PC's, phones, and other forms of technology that helps communities improve access to critical digital information and resources.
  • Hurricane Relief Aid - We help local communities affected by hurricanes by funding local relief efforts that provide food, clothing, and shelter to those most in need when disaster strikes.
  •  Mentorship - We provide one-to-one mentoring to youth and adults looking for guidance and support as they navigate the challenges of life. We motivate, inspire and help to encourage a positive mindset in others with a focus on learning and personal growth.
  • Passport Acquisition - Through our network of partners, we help people to file the required paperwork necessary to obtain a Haitian passport, educating them on the application process and making sure they have gathered the necessary vital records and documentation for a problem free approval.
  • Park Revitalization - We provide funding and organizational support for on the ground efforts to revitalize open and green space that can become safe, thriving gathering places for youth, families, adults and the community at large. 
  • Legal Support - We help to connect people with various free and low-cost legal resources both in Haiti and in the United States when legal representation becomes a necessity.
  • Tutoring - We help to pair youth and adults with local tutors across a wide variety of disciplines in order to provide people with the tools needed for success in their educational and vocational pursuits.

"the vision for hoops for haiti always involved going beyond basketball and finding impactful ways to help as many haitian people as possible achieve prosperity and success."

Moses Jean-Pierre, Founder and Executive Director